So why now?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been taking part in some diet or another……you name it I’ve tried it…and failed.

I’ve always been the chubby one. The chubby friend, the chubby sister, the chubby one in my class. I guess some where along the way regardless of if I liked it or not, I just accepted that its who i was and how I was. But what changed my out look?

April 2012, I had a routine check up with my doctor….it was during this appointment that I had one of the most important and life changing conversations of my life. I’d had the same doc since childhood so he knew me quite well, it took me by suprise when he said “do you realise that every year I’ve seen you since you turned 16 you’ve put on weight?”

I was completely taken aback….upset and ashamed. But my doc was as lovely as ever, he pointed out that if I carried on with the lifestyle I was leading….I would just get bigger and bigger and as life continued my health would certainly decline.Ā Ā  It was that word “lifestyle” it hit me hard. Lifestyle….my lifestyle was down to me, I’m an adult I’m responsible for all actions I take. Suddenly being the chubby one wasnt who I was of just how I was….I’d made myself that way. Self inflicted chubby…that was me!!

I quickly decided that rather than beat myself up it was time to take control! I’d looked in to myself and held myself accountable. Of course there are many reasons why we all indulge in food….emotional reasons, stress, trauma….the list goes on. There is so much in life that we have no control over….but how we look after our bodies and the food we choose to fuel it with are one of the few things we can be in complete control of.

To get your own journey started I would advise that you try do the same šŸ™‚ Look at your life, look at how you lead it, look at the choices you make for yourself and ask yourself……am i accountable? Put all shame, humiliation and fear aside, forget about the bullies and the tears you’ve cried and leave it all behind.

Now is your time, it’s all about you, you are amazing and you’re capable of doing amazing things. It’s time to finally make yourself whole, with a healthy body comes a healthy mind, a happy heart a strong and resiliant person. Gather up all your confidence and get stuck in, I promise you’re worth every single second of effort this will take!!

I have decided to share some photos of myself with you guys to show you the results of my journey. Throughout my blog I would like to share with you everything that has got me this far. Nutrition, exercise, supplements, mental tasks and keeping that all important will power!!


October 2011


May 2011 (right)


October 2013 šŸ™‚


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