Happy New Year……..New Year New Beginning? January…..A Great Time To Get Fit, Healthy And Shed Those Pounds!!


Happy New Year Everyone!! I really hope you all had a joyful and peaceful Christmas and New Year!!

So 2014 is upon us……2013 flew by at lightening pace!!! I always find that January is an exciting month; many of us feel alive with the anticipation of what the New Year may bring to us. But what I’ve found over the past few years is that it’s more productive for me to think of what I can bring myself in the year ahead. Sure I love the romance of wondering what fate has in store, how will the universe challenge me this year? But what about the things we can control? Think of the ways in which we can challenge ourselves.

In terms of our health, fitness and body image……..destiny is well and truly in our own hands 🙂

In my previous posts I wrote about the best place to start and some simple activities everyone can do to get themselves mentally prepared for the daunting task of losing weight. No matter what your background is or how many failed attempts that you’ve had, now is the time to adapt a positive mental attitude. Push all of those self-doubts and insecurities aside and take this step to becoming a happy, healthy human being.

In my time I have tried every “Fad” diet you can think of….I even gave hypnotism recordings a go…guess what? They didn’t work. So with the encouragement of those who love me most I decided to do the hard yard!! No easy way out, no shortcuts or quick fixes because I promise you in the end they never work. I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials on T.V for wonder juices, tablets, machines etc. But the reality is, even if you do manage to lose some weight using these methods, the likelihood of you putting this weight back on and then some is huge. Living on a diet of juice, fat killing pills and dust is no way for anyone to live people!! It’s never sustainable, you’re likely to be super depressed and very unlikely to achieve in the end.

The best way forward it to adapt a balanced diet and to take part in regular exercise. It’s a no brainer; eat what your body needs and move around more and you won’t inflate in the manner in which I did!! But for those of us who have managed to become overweight or obese already it’s difficult to know what’s really good for us and how we should manage our eating. There is so much conflicting information out there it’s a bit of a head ache at times. I was lost in the beginning. Basically we need to have a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. This means we have to consume fewer calories daily than the average person, while at the same time getting all our nutrition to keep healthy, have energy and above all not to be hungry. Going hungry is never acceptable. How on earth can we do all that, what exactly should I eat and how do I know I’m doing it right!!?

I was overwhelmed with all these questions so I decided to try an age old method known the world over!! Yes my friends….I joined weight watchers. What led me to make this decision was simple. Weight watchers allowed me to eat normal food, sure there are plenty of ready meals and snacks available from the brand, but if you don’t like these you can always just select foods that you do like from the supermarket. It’s older than the hills so it’s survived the test of time. It’s simple and easy to understand, weight watchers methods encourage us to eat from all food groups in order to insure we have a nutritionally balanced diet whilst still on that deficit. There are treats involved with weight watchers, so my sanity would remain intact, and importantly I could do it all online. I am such a busy person that convenience was a must. Weight Watchers does cost money but it is worth it in my opinion and there are a variety of memberships to suit everyone’s budget.

Weight Watchers is no longer the frumpy club for lumpy ladies either. It’s had a major make over; it’s modern, trendy and has become a hit with males now as well as females. I signed up for the online package. It was fantastic for me; WW basically runs on a points system, you’re assigned a daily amount of point’s dependant on height, weight and etc. As your weight decreases or increases your daily points change accordingly. I could sign on, search their database online for the point value of each and everything I ate and drank daily and I could add the items to my daily food diary, to get a snap shot of my day. As I entered the foods I ate I got a calculation of my daily protein, calcium, water and vitamin intakes to make sure I was up to scratch in terms of getting decent nutrition. On the WW website there are so many success stories to read and pictures to see to keep you motivated. There is a massive variety of delicious recipes and a forum for members to share their tips.

This is really just a basic description of what it all involves. For those of us who need more support and don’t think they can go it alone online, you can sign up for the meetings packages. You can still sign on to the online community and get all the wonderful info and tips, but you also attend weekly meetings within other weight watchers in your local area. Although I never attended these my Mum did and she enjoyed it. She made many great new friends who were full of support for each other, they celebrated their success together. The opportunity to lose weight and meet new people is very appealing if you have the spare time.

I would encourage anyone to give WW the once over and try to give it a good go. The wonderful thing about it for me was that there was no deprivation involved….they even have a guide on how to eat out with friends and different restaurants with many different cuisines…..even popular fast food joints, I was amazed!! I stuck with weight watchers for a few months, at the 6 month mark I had lost 7kg (around 15.5 pounds). I did this with zero exercise, so if one could incorporate activity I’d imagine this figure could be doubled easily! It’s worth mentioning that the WW site has lots of wonderful video demonstrations on exercises that can be done at home, at the park or in the gym. I really believe the sky is limit with Weight Watchers if you are willing to embrace it. I found that after a few months I had learned a lot about food and nutrition and took the massive risk of cutting the apron strings and going it alone. This wasn’t because WW wouldn’t have worked for me had I just stuck with it, but I wanted a big challenge in my life…..so I took one on 🙂

I hope I have been able to give you an insight in to Weight Watchers and perhaps I may have encouraged somebody to give it a go. I would be more than willing to answer and questions you have about it, so please don’t hesitate to as me here or send me a private message if you’d prefer.

Once again, Happy New Year!!

A Lot Less Chubby 🙂




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